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OTT Memorize these acronyms

When you want to go beyond your YouTube channel, grow your business, or reach more people, consider setting up your own OTT streaming solution and apps.

Over-the-top platforms and apps, or OTT platforms, are apps that deliver video content over the internet instead of cable or satellite TV (the traditional way). They allow you to instantly stream videos on mobile devices (Smartphones and tablets), web and televisions using devices such as Chromecast, AppleTV and Amazon Fire TV, as well as SmartTVs. It doesn't matter if you're a broadcaster, independent producer, or multimedia brand, clear content, audience, and marketing strategies are critical to the success of every OTT video business. Quality content, audience, and content strategy are essential for every OTT platform. They are part of every video business growth roadmap. Where can we find OTT services? We select two that we recommend: Vimeo Established early on as the video hosting site for creative artists and independent filmmakers, Vimeo now offers creators OTT solutions thanks to its acquisition of the VHX video subscription service. Rates start at €1 per subscriber per month, and available services include monetization options, analytics and custom apps distributed across delivery devices like Roku, iOS, Android and XBox platforms.

Roku Speaking of Roku, you might develop your own channel. to distribute it through the channel store and the connected devices of this transmission company. While you can always pay a developer to code the channel, self-hosting and channel creation is a cheaper solution. For about $60 a month we can publish the content and theoretically we can promote our content to the millions of Roku customers. If your audience wants more of your content, give them what they want: get your own OTT apps and launch your streaming service ASAP! We can help you create your best OTT! write to us

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